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Hard Drive Fails to Read

1tb Samsung External Hard Drive running on Macbook Pro. The device turns on but is not recognised by my mac – neither in finder or in disk utility.

Windows xp on start up – it ran CHkDSk and found sector errors and will not load XP – This PC works as our software and all our data is on it. We can therefore not access or run our dental software and the database

My iMac 1TB internal hard drive is failing and the data could not be recovered using Disk Warrior by Twilight Zone Engineering who are an Apple Service Provider. The drive can mount and the recovery partition is accessible but my iMac would not boot off the main partition. Would you be able to help recover the data and how much do you charge?

I am unable to access photographs on an SD card. I really need the photographs back if possible! The card was working without any problems until yesterday. Any help would be appreciated. Accidentally deleted all my holiday pics

I have had an external 2TB Seagate drive for a number of months and discovered yesterday that the drive now fails to read on any computer, and the LED no longer switches on. I have consistently made sure to take extra care removing and occasionally transporting the drive (covered in layers of protective clothing) and yet the drive now makes a nasty tick indicating mechanical damage, despite being stationary on the desk. Unfortunately since moving to a new home I have not had internet to continue backing the data (particularly photos, for my work) to the cloud.

Computer no longer reads data on external hard drive, keeps asking to format the disk – which I have not done. I can hear the disc spinning when the drive is plugged in

The harddrive stopped working a while ago, it used to come up with an error saying error format disk then that stopped coming up and in fact it didnt show up on my computer or disk mamagement at all. Then today i couldnt hear any sound at all.

Post by data-recovery (2017-08-14 12:03)

Tags: hard drive read fail

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Phones with lost data - recovery needed

I have deleted all my photos from my phone (Samsung Galaxy 5) by accident. Could you help me to recover them.

Phone had a bug and deleted files – apple advised to restore as phone would not turn on. Phone has now been restored and all data lost

iPhone 6 won't turn on but want to know if you can get my data some how!?. Dropped my phone down the toilet by accident and thought the problem was solved as I kept it in uncooked rice for over a day. The next day everything was working perfectly, even my camera and buttons. However, the next day the phone went black, and every time i try plug it in to the charger or try turn it on the white apple logo displays on start up and then the black screen returns. I have a lot of precious memories stored on my phone in photos and videos and was wondering if there is any possible way to retrieve these? Furthermore, how much are these services?

Recently my phone suffered some water damage from a cracked phone case (which was filled with glitter and a liquid). Since then my phone screen has been black – however, my phone does ring and, if I manage to swipe correctly, I can answer my phone. It also vibrates when I flick the loud/silent switch. I wondered if you would be able to shed light on the likelihood of this being fixed and give me an idea of price. I am also having trouble putting my photos onto my laptop as it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" and was wondering if this would be something you would be able to help me with. Although I am keen to get my phone working I am most concerned about losing all my pictures. As I am not actively using my phone at the moment, an email reply would be preferable.

Lost data on iPhone 4. The phone stated it went into a recovery mode. I pressed the update on the iTunes option and I have lost all my contacts and photos/videos

Initially my iPhone 4 wasn't turning on even after charging it, after some time it came up with this message After speaking to apple advisors online, I tried to update my phone on itunes and pressed the home and power button at the same time, the apple logo and a grey bar appeared but did not complete to a full bar. I tried on my computer and then on my brothers laptop the following day and had found a message saying update or restore. I clicked on update and it said updating iphone software. Extracting software on iPhone. After some time it said if your iphone can not be update you will have to restore to its factory settings. I am very upset and frustrated as I have lost all my data, including apps, contacts, notes, pictures etc without a backup. I did not expect this to happen. Luckily a few of my group chats have appeared on whatsapp have come up but not the full conversations from the start. Blocked contacts are still showing. Prior to this problem, I did have a problem with opening whatsapp, a message saying optimizing whatsapp kept appearing. Please advise on how I can recover my data.

Factory reset done without backup, can data be recovered – samsung s8

Post by data-recovery (2017-08-04 07:48)

Tags: phones recovery help

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Deleted A-Level Work

I had a folder on my desktop with my A level course work in and i deleted it by accident and i cant find it no where the 2 files one if them wasnin microsoft word and the other one was in microsoft powerpoint , is there anyway you can get the 2 files back?

I have a Dell laptop for work that runs Windows 7. It crashed last week during a software update. The hard drive is bitlocker encrypted but I/we don't have the bitlocker key. How much would it cost to recover the data on the hard drive without the key? Laptop can't read data from the hard drive as before. I think it's been knocked and is now not working.

Mac formatted harddrive 3tb Western Digital My book. Plugged in to PC – couldnt find it – plugged back into Mac which then also couldnt find it. It does show up in disk utility and you can run first aid but not a repair - I need the data back as it's got the coursework for my A-levels on it. Have used a paid for recovery software but it is complete waste of money – that being said, it can at least see the files are there. I work up the road from your leeds branch so need a price for recovery to another hard drive which I will provide.

Post by data-recovery (2017-07-24 10:19)

Tags: data formatted recovery advice

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Hard Drive Evaluated for Data Recovery

2Tb SATA Seagate Barracuda hard disk no longer visible in Windows or in BIOS. Makes repeated clicking sound on startup.

The hard drive is not opening when plugged into a machine, I have tried a few machines and they don't pick up that that hard drive has been inserted. It also makes a ticking sound every five mins or so.

hard drive evaluationSeagate hard drive seems not to be responding. Need data recovered. Hoping to drop the device in tomorrow or Friday. Please advise options for turnaround and cost. Feel free to call or email.

I have a drive that the system can pick up as a vice, but doesn't acknowledge it as a storage device. How much would it cost to get the data off this? It is a Samsung M3 Portable 1TB

my Mac hard drive has been sent away to a data recovery company with the following issues. Media Examined: Quantity Description Make Model Serial Number 1 HDD Seagate ST1000DM003 Z4Y0YSXV Technical Information: Operating System: Apple Mac OSX File System: NTFS Machine role: Workstation Physical Evaluation Findings: Visual Inspection for physical damage PASS Liquid contamination PASS Electronics visual inspection PASS Power-up test FAIL Media integrity scan FAIL Physical Evaluation Conclusion: The Hard Disk Drive (HDD) has suffered from the following failures which are preventing it from working correctly: – Internal Mechanical Failure – Electronics Failure Logical Evaluation Conclusion: A logical evaluation is not possible until the physical failure has been overcome, however we would expect data to be recoverable in most cases. Based on past experience of recovering data from this type of problem, the outcome is likely to be a very good recovery (see table). If specific files are required we recommend you take the file report option and pre-approve any recovery. This has been categorised as a Level 2 recovery. Recovery categories* Very good We expect most (71%-100%) data to be recovered. I have been given the following quote £793.20 inc postage & backup media on a standard option. Im mainly wanting the recovery as lots of photos of my kids which weren't backed up. Just wondered what you prices were for this kind of recovery? I look forwards to hearing from you.

Post by data-recovery (2017-07-14 10:25)

Tags: data recovery report evaluation

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Phone Data Recovery

In this post I will show you some examples of unresponsive broken mobiles phones and the wonders of phone data recovery and how the files can be retrieved from these phones.

iPhone 6 was dropped and run over by a car, post incident the phone still operated (incoming calls and texts continued) however was unable to accept as screen was shattered and touch screen did not work – nor was the information on the screen viewable due to the extensive damage. Phone was placed in bag and subsequently became dam/wet due to the extreme weather conditions. Although bag/phone was never submerged. Sadly I hadn't updated the phone since January It no longer turns on 2 weeks later. I am curious as to whether it's possible to gain the lost data (photos particularly) and what the rough cost would be?

I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 that I'd like to recover the text messages from (and pictures). I have tried some recovery software, but it needed to root the device and that did not work because of a FRP lock. Will you be able to recover the messages and if so, how much will it cost to do?

HTC phone dropped from top of car travelling. completely destroyed. interested in the pictures only as about 500 not back up!!!!!!! have tried a few places in london and they are telling me the mother board is broken. is all lost with that being broken??

We are in London on holiday for the week, staying in Holborn. In updating my wife's iPhone 6 on my laptop Mac Sunday, she inadvertently updated the phone as my Iphone, deleting her contacts, photos, etc. We reset to factory settings but she had not backed up on iCloud or iTunes. We have not touched the phone since. We would like to see if her original data on the phone could be recovered. We are in London until Saturday then return to the States. Can you help up us? My cell phone US number is active in the UK or please email me. I will respond almost at once. Thank you!

I have a broken screen on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but because the screen cracked, bled and is now black I cannot unlock the phone to retrive the data prior to a repair. Samsung are unable to help at all with data recovery and their and Googles ADM remote options for unlocking my phone do nothing. Please can you tell me if you can help? Online users suggest swapping mother boards with another Note 4 to remove data, but I do not have another Note 4 do be able to try this. Online software downloads do not have valid security certificates on their websites, so can't be trusted. also do you offer repairs and can you let me know a rough cost for these services so that I can make a quick decision about whether to go ahed or not?

My Mobile Phone has a cracked screen and I am unable to retrieve photos and phone numbers from my Samsung S6 device. I need assistance!

I own a Samsung Galaxy S4 phone and when backing up my photos I deleted the recorded videos on the device by mistake. These were all recorded from Nov 15 to present, approx 30 no. Would you be able to recover these from the device? If so could you please give an indication of cost. I would be able to visit the Glasgow branch to hand the device in.

my partner in Glasgow has in iPhone 6 which she accidental bent. It was still functioning correctly afterwards and had been for some time until she decided to try and bend it back. The phone then went blank and got extremely hot. Now won't switch on, plugging it in to a computer does nothing. There are some irreplaceable photos on it and she never backed the phone up. Is there anything that can be done to recover these?

So if you are trying to find a phone recovery service to rescue your data and the problems you have are like these, you should be able to get your data back.

Post by data-recovery (2016-09-05 06:54)

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Troubleshoot your hard drive problems

I am based in London, and I have a G-RAID 2TB Gen 4 eSata/Firewire/USB (GR4 2000 EMEA), RAID 0 I think and am looking for a local data recovery service. Last week my hard drive became incredibly slow to copy data from it.

Trying to move something out now, before it's too late since (as a stupid, I know) I have no other backup for some of the data yet. It's impossibly slow, starting between 8/30 mb/s and becoming later to ~400 kb/s, when I decided to stop to avoid causing more issues. I was connecting it with a firewire+firewire to thunderbolt adapter to a macbook pro late 2014. I tried before with the usb cable, but it was even slower. The data seem all there, just very slow to show in finder and impossibly slow to move out. I checked it with disk utility and with disk warrior, all good for them. In my ignorance, I think it could be a hardware problem maybe one of the RAID is failing, so I've stop with the copying before stressing it even further. Do you have any safe/guarantee way to copy the data out, better that what I could do myself with a Carbon Copy kind of application?

– Macbook (2008) model no longer starts up (question mark icon comes up). – Removed 2.5" laptop HDD, connected via external SATA/USB cable to a good Macbook pro, yet HDD is not detected. – HDD spins up, yet makes repeated juddering noise every 5 seconds. – 2.5" laptop harddrive, 250GB. Look forward to a quote today (17th Aug) and understanding process involved in recovering the data.

I need to salvage data from my laptop hard drive (HP EliteBook 820). The problem is that it's encrypted. Would you be able to help?

I have an external HDD that in the process of being converted into an internal HDD got internally damaged, the format has changed and no files can be recovered, I would appreciate if you can give an estimation of how much would it be to recover all the data on it, it's a 3GB HDD, thank you

I have a motorola droid maxx 1080m with 16gm internal memory. It got wet and wont turn on. How much would it cost to retrieve the pictures on it?

External hard drive wont connect to PC, not even recognised and unable to be seen in device management. Was working fine last week.

Post by data-recovery (2016-08-18 08:05)

Tags: g-raid elitebook motorola

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Of Unresponsive Phones and SSD Faults

This post is about two particular data recovery requirements that I received this week, one about an iPhone and the other about an SSD hard drive. In this post I examine what the problem might be and then offer recommendations in the form of links regarding suggested action that can be taken.

More Unresponsive Phone Problems

I drop my phone while walking my dog and it won't power on or charge and need to have internal memory backed up as I have videos of my sisters wedding saved there (which I did say to save to sdcard but it didn't) and it's the only copy and pictures. So i was if you can backup the whole internal memory before I send to phone provider for repair

That's an interesting enquiry - most people think their data is gone for good in a situation like this but this blog by phone data recovery specialists Data Clinic -, show that much can be done with an unresponsive phone to retrieve it's data - even if the phone is totally unresponsive and isn't even switching on.

I have an iphone 5 here that has been water damaged and won’t switch on.
I think the logic board is damaged and has been short-circuited.
Are you able to recover the files on the phone – it wasn’t backed up properly. There are some sentimental pictures and documents on the phone.
How much roughly would this be?

I contacted Data Clinic and asked them what their prices were to recover the data from a situation like this. They advised me that prices vary between £95 and £395 depending on what the problem with the phone is.

SSD File Recovery

Hi I live in Manchester and my SSD hard drive recently crashed giving me a black screen with the text "not able to detect operating system". I have since had the hard drive replaced and the person doing the job informed me that the old hard drive is faulty.
I would like to recover the files from the drive - it's an SSD.

Thanks for your enquiry. Rather than re-invent the wheel, I have saved to my bookmarks and excellent post on a data recovery blog that deals with SSD data recovery in Manchester. It's the best piece of advice I can offer

It seems that according to the article there are several common problems that can develop on SSD hard drives. Although they no longer rotate they are clearly delicate devices and should be handled with care. I would advise using a data recovery service to recover the data from an SSD should it break.

Post by data-recovery (2016-07-26 07:33)

Tags: phone hard disk computing

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Deleted Photos on Samsung Galaxy

Here's a question about the possibilities of recovering deleted phone on a Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

"Hey I've got a really big problem. My boyfriend accidentally deleted 250 photos and lots of videos from his samsung galaxy s6 edge+ android phone and we have tried every way we can to try and get them back. We went into the samsung shop to ask for advice and we have phoned the samsung customer service. The photos and videos he has deleted are from our baby's first christmas so you can understand why we really want to get them back. When my partner bought the phone on contract the man in the shop set it all up for him but he did not set up the playstore properly so where there's supposed to be a bin where the photos stay for 60 days after they have been deleted this is not the case did us. Please please get back in contact and let me know if there's anything you can do or and suggestions. We don't care how much it cost we will do anything to get them back. We live in Sheffield, Yorkshire. Thankyou"

When photos are deleted from an Android phone, the data still resides in the phone's memory, which is where it remains until it is overwritten. The longer the phone remains in use from when the data was deleted, the higher the chance that the data will be overwritten by other applications when the phone is used.

My recommendation is that the phone is switched off immediately. This will prevent any data being written to the phone's memory and will preserve the data that still remains on the phone. Deleting the data doesn't actually remove it from the phone. It is still there, but the 'signposts' that point to where this data is have been removed.

The best option to recover the deleted photos is to contact a data recovery specialist  - as you are a resident of the United Kingdom (I believe you are in Sheffield, West Yorkshire) simply type your requirements on a search engine and results local to you should appear.

Some recovery procedures involve dismantling the smartphone and extracting the memory chips so the data can be read from them independently of the phone. In this case, I don't think anything so extreme will be necessary. Apart from the unfortunate accident of deleting the photos, there's actually nothing wrong with the phone. The recovery company will assess the state of the data on the phone and will be able to ascertain whether the photos are still recoverable or whether they have been overwritten. Until this is done it's impossible to known whether a recovery will be successful or not.

Post by data-recovery (2016-05-07 07:29)

Tags: sheffield samsung galaxy phone repair

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Manchester RAID Data Recovery

Data Clinic, the Manchester RAID data recovery specialists have recently completed accreditation courses with both Dell and Hewlett Packard for server repair and recovery throughout the North West of the UK. Data Clinic logo

Covering the areas of Greater Manchester and also including Blackburn, Bolton, Rochdale and Oldham, Data Clinic are now able to provide exclusive emergency RAID and server callout services to companies in these areas who are experiencing difficulty with the data on their servers. For example, if a server crashes with hard drive errors or and RAID configuration file is damaged resulting in the server refusing to boot, Data Clinic are able to either attend the problem onsite or take the server away and fix the problem offsite.

The type of problem determines whether recovery work can be done on or offsite, some RAID problems, particularly those involving faults with the hard drives are best attended to offsite, in the Data Clinic lab which is fully equipped to deal with all hard disk eventualities. Other problems, that don't directly involve errors on the server's disks can usually be handled on site.

RAID Experts

Dealing with a server that has crashed and is not booting is the job of a RAID specialist, and experts who know all the technicalities about the various RAID topologies such as RAID 5, 6, 10 and 50 are rare. Restoring a broken server is not like working with a desktop computer that has crashed. We've all know that when our own personal computer fails, normally all that's necessary is for us to reboot the device, this usually works and our system is back up and working again. Taking the same action with a RAID server can have disastrous consequences because many servers will try and repair problems themselves, but if there is damage to the server's hard drives or the file system has become corrupted, the usual outcome is data corruption and/or loss.

Data Loss / Corruption on Servers

As I've said above, this is best avoided, and lost files and corrupt data are easy enough problem to get, particularly on HP or Dell systems when there is hard disk failure. Rather than attempt to recover the system yourself, or (worse still) allow the server's built in file repair utilities to attempt repair, the best advice is to safely power down the computer and call out the Data Clinic. Their newly accredited Dell and HP engineers will advise your best course of action to recover your data and get your systems running again.

Post by data-recovery (2016-04-22 05:16)

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Computer Science Labs and CCTV

CCTV continues to be installed across the UK at great pace, monitoring shops, businesses and it has to be said, us. More CCTV surveillance means less police on the beat, instead cameras are installed that record our movements, which are relayed to a cental control room that monitors the activity. This is watched by staff who flag up any suspicious activity. Recording images and video to CCTV requires huge amounts of computer infrastructure. Some CCTV systems additionally have audio capabilities, meaning they can record voices and conversations that people have.

cctv surveillance Many CCTV systems use hard drives manufactured by Toshiba or Samsung. Both companies have specific hard drives that are made for use in video surveillance systems. The features of these drives is they require low power and generate little heat. They are not the fastest hard drives around, but they don't need to be. Speed is not a requirement, instead low power consumption is top of the list. Toshiba and Samsung disks do have their problems, see for Samsung, and for Toshiba. Both problems are not that well documented, and it's something that the manufacturers of the CCTV systems need to address rather than the consumer as it's the manufacturers that choose the hard drives to go into their CCTV digital video recorders.

Repair and restoration of hard drives from CCTV systems is the job of companies like Computer Science Labs, whose page on CCTV data recovery at explains exactly what goes on when it's necessary to recover data from a CCTV system. They are a company that have helped many businesses, police forces, and loss adjusters further their cases by retrieving data from systems that many had thought lost. It just goes to show what the intervention of a skilled company like Computer Science Labs can do when it's vital to retrieve data from a CCTV camera.

Post by data-recovery (2016-02-03 10:07)

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