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Data Recovery Examples

People lose data in hundreds of different ways. Sometimes the data on our hard drives doesn't matter and we can throw the hard drive in the bin and just buy another one. Occasionally we DO require the data back from our broken hard drives. This is the time we want to contact a data recovery company to retrieve our files. The web site Data Recovery Tips are offers both data recovery services and advice for people who would like to try and recover the data from their hard drives themselves.


I have 2 x laptops that require a little data recovery – 1 x an Apple MacBook which no longer turns on – I'd like to take off all the data and pictures of this – 1 x MacBook Air – not as much data on here but would like to recover it.

I have Sony Vaio laptop, and it's over 10 years old and I keep getting errors when I tried to start it. basically, it would not allow me to login. I am happy to buy a new one, but I want the data to be transferred to the new laptop. I went to a high street shop, they said they can't transfer data from a broken laptop. my office is near Lombard Street, can I make an appointment to take the laptop and can you take a look ?

Lombard Street, London


I have a Seagate 500gb External Hard Drive. I dropped it from around head-height last night – not on purpose! – and now it doesn't work. It beeps around 20 times before it stating that the disk can't be read. Although it was a high fall, I'm surprised the damage it has done. I'd really appreciate any help in getting to this work as these files are very important to my job! I work in Old Street so I can come in quite quickly.

My Seagate hard drive fell a foot or so becoming unplugged and ejected from the laptop unsafely. When I plugged it back into the computer, it didn't register the Hardrive, which gives off a dull drone of beeps. I have a hard drive the data can (hopefully) get transferred onto. I am available tomorrow after 12 if I need to book. Accidentally deleted photos (approx 2000) when trying to create extra storage space. I use it to back up files and photos every 3 months or so. Plugged into UBS today and being told I 'need to format the disk'. Ran CHKDSK but it wouldn't run as the drive was 'corrupt'

Seagate backup plus slim 2TB – dropped at height and now won't open on mac. Would like to recover all media on drive if possible, around 900GB – but mainly want all personal photos and videos recovered.


Failed 1TB Toshiba SATA drive not being recognised through computer bios, taken the drive out and tried on direct USB cable also tried several other desktop machines still not shown. During powerup the drive makes a bearing sound failure noise. Toshiba NOV-2013 RATED:5V 420mA, 12V 420mA SATA – 6.0Gb/s HDKPC03D0A02 S Disk Drive – DT01ACA100 Drive REV – AAD AA10 /7S0 CN – 0CW76M-75577-3B3-1LIE-A01 DP/N – 0CW76M WWN – 5000039FF7C9A6AE

WD I have a WD Elements external hard drive (2TB i think). Since the weekend when plugged into my computer the external hard drive clicks and isn't recognised. I've avoided plugging this in again just in case i damage the hard drive even more. I have a lot of personal information on this drive like Photo's, Music, Films and important files i wish to keep.

I dropped my WD MyPassport onto a wooden floor. It now clicks when I try to access it, (in fact, I can no longer access it), and I was getting a 'fatal error' message in the first instance. There is a load of rubbish on it mostly, but there are some word documents and pdf documents which I would really like to recover



Unable to connect external harddrive. PC is unable to see it when connected. It's a Samsung HD501LJ. Made the usual clicking before dying noises.


I have a Lacie 2 big external hardrive. This seems to have failed and need data recovery. The drive comes up on the Computer, but when i try to access data it doesn't let me. the Platters in the HDD can be heard spinning but the seeker isn't reading or moving.

Post by data-recovery (2018-02-13 12:37)

Tags: london lombard street data recovery

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Recovering data with invalid node structure

I have become unable to mount my touro pro 1TB external hard drive to my mac. It is visible in disk utility, but it is greyed out and unmounteable. I tried to run disk repair but it was unsuccessful and it advised that I backup the files and restore the hard drive. The error code is 'invalid node structure'. This hard drive is used as a business drive for a company I work for in Northamptonshire and I wonder if you can recover the files from the hard drive for me?

USB loose on Freecom Hard Drives I am based in Northampton and visit many of the towns in the area regularly, Peterborough and Cambridge are particular favourites and I purchased a couple of freecom hard drives a few years ago but they have unfortunately, both suffered the same problem. This being the USB port where you plug them in coming loose and in some cases coming off the hard drive all together. I am enquiring to know if this is something that you could either fix or possibly just recover the data that’s on the drives for me. If you could let me know as soon as possible that would be brilliant as there is photographs on there that I am really needing to access but cant due to this unforeseen problem.

We have a Seagate 750gb internal hard drive which failed to boot within a Dell One PC. We removed the drive and put it into an external drive reader, but that failed to discover any drive path, even though you could hear the USB connecting. It was send to another company who attempted a recovery (advanced) and said that they couldn’t scan the drive to even see what was on it. There are hundreds of films (various formats), CBR files, photos and p&c documents that we don’t have in backup.

My Apple Mac crashed. I have bought a new Apple Mac but I would like to see if the contents of the original hard drive, which was removed, can be recovered so I can load it onto my new Apple Mac. I live near Watford.

Corrupt hard-drive, unable to migrate system software to external hard drive. Can you recover my lost files?

I dropped my hard drive from about 2 foot and now it isn't reading. I plug it in and the light comes on, but a clicking noise starts and then the light turns off, while the clicking remains. Can this be fixed and how much? I live in Northampton, near to the Pavilion Drive business park.

I have a Seagate Barracuda external hard drive. Serial WLV19T3E. It started making a high pitched ticking noise and became undescoverable by my computer. I took it to a data recovery centre, but they returned it unchanged with the following notes: "Head has become detached from bottom actuator, debris inside the drive so probably damaged bottom platter also. Currently no stock of spare parts for this drive to try actuator swap". So, there's a glimmer of hope that you will be able to recover the data off this hard drive for me. Could you please let me know when you would be able to do this and what kind of cost I would be looking at? I've got a spare hard drive for you to recover the data to (if it's possible to recover!)

I'm in London during office hours, so I can drop the drive in at lunchtime, or after 5pm. Let me know what works for you.

Post by data-recovery (2018-01-11 09:34)

Tags: northampton cambridge peterborough data recovery

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Help with Factory Resets

My old iPhone 5s had a lot of valuable photos on and about a year ago it reset to factory settings, I left it as it was only a back up phone used for playing music and I was able to recover some photos from my iCloud but not all of them, I'd just like to know if there was any way to recover photos as a lot of them are with family members that are no longer around and they are very special to me. The phone has no water damage or anything like that it's just been reset and then a few photos recovered.

I have Sony Z5 phone in Sheffield, Yorkshire.The problem I had was during a call. Could not disconnect the call. So I did a factory reset I backed my data on the memory card. But says nothing is backed up. So I've lost my pictures and contacts. Also still have a problem with calls. I can answer an incoming call. But can't cut any one off. The touch screen goes blank.

Just wanted to know if you can help to recover accidentally deleted data from my smartphone, pictures basically. I have got a Oneplus 3T a3003 Android Version: 7.1.1. The device is not rooted. I have accidentally deleted all my pictures from the camera gallery. I immediately turned the wifi and data connection off. I managed to recover all the pictures with one of the recovery programs (FonePaw) but they are all smaller files with low resolution. Can you help with this? - I'm near Leeds.

iPhone 5s randomly rebooted (memory storage was relatively full), after rebooting all photos disappeared and I switched phone off, after ten minutes, I tried to start the phone and it was stuck on Apple logo and black screen until performing recover mode which finished until it randomly went onto spinning gear symbol, which stayed like that for six hours, after visiting the Apple store they said that the data will have gone anyway so I have to do a restore. In addition, I did not back up via iCloud/iTunes. So I was wondering if it’s possible to retrieve my photos and notes from my iPhone ? Will I have to do a factory reset?

Have you got anyone in south yorkshire that can get me data off a Samsung phone. And wot would be the cost to do this

Galaxy Note 4 stuck in a 'Boot Loop'. Now won't switch on at all. Battery seems to heat up very quickly also when trying to restart. Hasn't been backed up… Need all contacts/photos/info recovered.

Post by data-recovery (2017-12-21 11:55)

Tags: boot loop factory reset help advice

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Lost pictures on phones

I get asked a lot about how to get lost data back from phones. Many times the phones have been dropped and smashed or they've fallen into a puddle, the toilet, or worse... Most of the time I recommend people use the web site as the place to get their lost data back. Here are a few of the questions I've had lately. Basically I dropped my iPhone down the toilet, it was on whilst this was happening. The phone only stopped working when i took it out of the toilet and has been in a bag of rice ever since. It hasn't shown any signs of life. I was wondering if you could recover the data that was on it. I've lost many valuable pictures that I'd like recovering

Water damage to iPhone and Xiaomi phones - I'm in Dundee and get to Glasgow quite a lot.

My Samsung Galaxy S6 phone dropped and hit the ground, cracking. The screen is black, but the blue light is still on. Terrified of losing my data. I've been told by O2 and Carphone Warehouse to go to a third party shop in town where they should be able to fix the screen and save the data, but feel so nervous.

I am wanting yo know if you can recover data from iPhones that no longer switch on? If so roughly how much does it cost? Please could you email me, as I have no contact number at the moment, with the phone in its current state.

I have a Samsung M3 portable external storage. It was working fine. Then it has stopped. I was moving files from my pc to it to make space. I can not see it when I plug it in and but when I go to device manager I can. I have tried to chkdsk it but it says cannot open volume for direct access. It's saying it need to be intiatiated. I do not want to loss the data I have on this as I have deleted from my pc.

Post by data-recovery (2017-12-11 09:21)

Tags: samsung dundee phone recovery

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Photo Share - Need data recovery

The hard drive on my laptop stopped working and thousands of photographs. I did back them up but cannot locate the disks after moving 4 years ago. the disk holds lots of irreplaceable baby photos I can't get back. these were stored on picassa

I am in Guildford but the machine and user impacted is in London. Can I please get a quote on data recovery of an internal SSD? I would also need to arrange delivery to you. The problem started when the user deleted their files from a photo sharing program (I can't remember which one), now they have found that they don't have copies of these files and therefore need them recovered by a company like Data Clinic

photo share

Seagate 1TB External HD. Not being recognised by laptop. Making a faint beeping noise when powered up. Doesn't sound like it is powering up at all. Contains personal, sentimental photo's/video's. I didn't use a photo sharing program like iCloud and therefore am worried that my photos are now lost. Is there anything that can be done to retrieve them?

Like an idiot I haven't backed anything up and have no recovery disc either. (Plonker yes I know). So now I have the situation where I need to retrieve photographs and word documents and hope you are able to help. If you able to do this I would like to know what this is going to cost and how long it is going to take. If there are options for quicker service at extra cost, I would like to know that also, as I am anxious to get this sorted sooner rather than later. Could you also explain the options for getting this to you (my postcode in Guildford is GU4 6JF) presumably this involves me removing the hard drive from my laptop.

Post by data-recovery (2017-10-09 08:39)

Tags: photo share recover guildford

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WD drive data loss

My WD portable drives wire stopped working and I paid for a new one from amazon however no luck, The portable drive light is still working but not coming up when I put the USB into my computer. Is there absolutely any chance of recovering the files on the disc? With the light coming on you'd presume it's not broken?

Our external WD hard drive has not worked since our PC recently broke down. Now when we plug it in it does not recognise the device and says the drive needs re-formatting. The drive stored our pbotos, music and some MS files. Please could you quote for help to retrieve data.

Every time I plug the drive in it shows as "Local Disk" and I can't access it. It either slows the window down or craches the window altogether. I have over 800GB of stuff including pictures that I just can't afford to lose!

My WDBPCK5000ABK-01 was dropped an no longer works. What would be the cost of data recovery from this drive please?

When I plug my external hard drive into my computer this message pops up: The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer. The options are: Initialize.. Ignore Eject I think the problem occured when I tried to load more data onto it and it didn't have the space so it froze my finder (using a Mac). I restarted then the hard drive stopped working and displayed this message. All my family photos and uni work are on this drive so I don't want to lose it. Can you please help?

SMART failure

Samsung 320GB 2.5 HDD which was used as USB storage. The drive was dropped and now clicks when applying power via USB, it is mechanical failure. Drive also has SMART failure problem which means it doesn't load.

My software has broken down and can't access my phone to retrieve all my photos

My external HD is not detected by the laptop. The light is on and it seems to be working but it is not detected by the laptop. Is it possible to repare this? if not, is it possible recover the information? This problem has happened recently (1 day ago). How much could cost me? I live in reading so I can go to your offices there.

Laptop was dropped whilst on, then wouldn't load anything, have been told because it is a spin disc that I wouldn't be able to retrieve any data from it. Am desperate to get photos from it, is there a possibility they can be retrieved, if yes, what would the rough cost be?

Post by data-recovery (2017-10-03 09:40)

Tags: wd hard drive data loss

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Different problems needing data recovery

One of our external hard-drives cannot be read by any of our computers at work. When plugged in, it makes a ticking noise and the light blinks. It's a Western Digital My Passport drive, it's possible that it's been dropped from a small height. I need to get the data back.

Strange problem/update/virus on Win 10 machine wiped out hard drive files but also cloud files. Why no backup for the cloud was available is anyone's guess. After that a PC repair outfit went and put Windows back over the top. It's a mail contacts folder that's needed in the main for a Thunderbird account. Are you able to help please?

Heads gone on Western Digital 1tb 2.5inch blue drive. Platters OK, looking for drive to transplant platters or heads, so I can have the data back safely.

PC shut itself down whilst on and I have been unable to switch it back on. I had an IT tech at work have a look and it appears the NTFS has switched to RAW and drive sectors cannot be read/detected. The drive itself is running ok. Seagate Barracuda 2TB from Dell desktop

I am looking for help to recover data from a water damaged phone. The phone itself is beyond repair but we want all the information back off it (photos, videos, contacts and notepad messages ideally). The damage occurred approximately a month ago and was given to a company to attempt repair immediately but due to faults on their part we have only got the phone back today with no work being done meaning that the damage may have worsened.

I dropped the hard drive and now it is making noises when turned on and not read via usb to pc.

Dropped the drive. No visible damage. A technician opened it and tried to replace the usb port. Didn't work. Didn't tamper with the drive though but need to get the data and files recovered.

Post by data-recovery (2017-09-20 09:46)

Tags: data files missing help

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MacBook Air Data Recovery

This week we look at a couple of different hard drive problems on Apple Macbook Air computers.

Can't read FAT32 Drive My external hard drive will not be read by my Mac book air. It has worked on there previously and been formatted to FAT.32. I have an external WD hard drive. When I was living in Glasgow recently, the hard drive must have been damaged through airport travel I believe. I sent it off to a recovery company in Glasgow. They said they were unable to recover any data due to there being platter damage to the top platter. I'm no longer in Glasgow and now live in Chesterfield - close to Sheffield. If you have a data recovery centre in Sheffield I would appreciate you getting in touch with me. I couldn't just give up after one try so brought it over to UK where I am now living, to try a different company for recovery… Wondering what my chances are, is there much possibility of recovery?

Yes - I'd certainly be interested in examining your hard drive to see if I could do anything to retrieve the data for you. Can you tell me a little bit more about what the company said was the matter with the hard drive please? FAT32 drives are usually straightforward to work on so I have every confidence your data could be rescued.


I have been using my Toshiba External Hard Drive on my MacBook Air for a few years now. Last week I copied files and photos onto my hard drive and deleted them off my MacBook to free space. I attached my hard drive onto my MacBook today and it doesn't show up and says it is not readable. This means I cannot open, edit or view anything on this hard drive. I have no backup of the files on the drive and need to vie them.

The last time I saw a problem like this I was unable to assist personally, but I did send the computer off to the experts at Recover-Deleted-Data who were able to assist and restore the data back to the working computer. From memory the cost was around £450.

Post by data-recovery (2017-09-06 08:41)

Tags: macbook air data recovery

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Hard Drive Fails to Read

1tb Samsung External Hard Drive running on Macbook Pro. The device turns on but is not recognised by my mac – neither in finder or in disk utility.

Windows xp on start up – it ran CHkDSk and found sector errors and will not load XP – This PC works as our software and all our data is on it. We can therefore not access or run our dental software and the database

My iMac 1TB internal hard drive is failing and the data could not be recovered using Disk Warrior by Twilight Zone Engineering who are an Apple Service Provider. The drive can mount and the recovery partition is accessible but my iMac would not boot off the main partition. Would you be able to help recover the data and how much do you charge?

I am unable to access photographs on an SD card. I really need the photographs back if possible! The card was working without any problems until yesterday. Any help would be appreciated. Accidentally deleted all my holiday pics

I have had an external 2TB Seagate drive for a number of months and discovered yesterday that the drive now fails to read on any computer, and the LED no longer switches on. I have consistently made sure to take extra care removing and occasionally transporting the drive (covered in layers of protective clothing) and yet the drive now makes a nasty tick indicating mechanical damage, despite being stationary on the desk. Unfortunately since moving to a new home I have not had internet to continue backing the data (particularly photos, for my work) to the cloud.

Computer no longer reads data on external hard drive, keeps asking to format the disk – which I have not done. I can hear the disc spinning when the drive is plugged in

The harddrive stopped working a while ago, it used to come up with an error saying error format disk then that stopped coming up and in fact it didnt show up on my computer or disk mamagement at all. Then today i couldnt hear any sound at all.

Post by data-recovery (2017-08-14 12:03)

Tags: hard drive read fail

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Phones with lost data - recovery needed

I have deleted all my photos from my phone (Samsung Galaxy 5) by accident. Could you help me to recover them.

Phone had a bug and deleted files – apple advised to restore as phone would not turn on. Phone has now been restored and all data lost

iPhone 6 won't turn on but want to know if you can get my data some how!?. Dropped my phone down the toilet by accident and thought the problem was solved as I kept it in uncooked rice for over a day. The next day everything was working perfectly, even my camera and buttons. However, the next day the phone went black, and every time i try plug it in to the charger or try turn it on the white apple logo displays on start up and then the black screen returns. I have a lot of precious memories stored on my phone in photos and videos and was wondering if there is any possible way to retrieve these? Furthermore, how much are these services?

Recently my phone suffered some water damage from a cracked phone case (which was filled with glitter and a liquid). Since then my phone screen has been black – however, my phone does ring and, if I manage to swipe correctly, I can answer my phone. It also vibrates when I flick the loud/silent switch. I wondered if you would be able to shed light on the likelihood of this being fixed and give me an idea of price. I am also having trouble putting my photos onto my laptop as it says "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)" and was wondering if this would be something you would be able to help me with. Although I am keen to get my phone working I am most concerned about losing all my pictures. As I am not actively using my phone at the moment, an email reply would be preferable.

Lost data on iPhone 4. The phone stated it went into a recovery mode. I pressed the update on the iTunes option and I have lost all my contacts and photos/videos

Initially my iPhone 4 wasn't turning on even after charging it, after some time it came up with this message After speaking to apple advisors online, I tried to update my phone on itunes and pressed the home and power button at the same time, the apple logo and a grey bar appeared but did not complete to a full bar. I tried on my computer and then on my brothers laptop the following day and had found a message saying update or restore. I clicked on update and it said updating iphone software. Extracting software on iPhone. After some time it said if your iphone can not be update you will have to restore to its factory settings. I am very upset and frustrated as I have lost all my data, including apps, contacts, notes, pictures etc without a backup. I did not expect this to happen. Luckily a few of my group chats have appeared on whatsapp have come up but not the full conversations from the start. Blocked contacts are still showing. Prior to this problem, I did have a problem with opening whatsapp, a message saying optimizing whatsapp kept appearing. Please advise on how I can recover my data.

Factory reset done without backup, can data be recovered – samsung s8

Post by data-recovery (2017-08-04 07:48)

Tags: phones recovery help

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