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Hard Drive Fails to Read

1tb Samsung External Hard Drive running on Macbook Pro. The device turns on but is not recognised by my mac – neither in finder or in disk utility.

Windows xp on start up – it ran CHkDSk and found sector errors and will not load XP – This PC works as our software and all our data is on it. We can therefore not access or run our dental software and the database

My iMac 1TB internal hard drive is failing and the data could not be recovered using Disk Warrior by Twilight Zone Engineering who are an Apple Service Provider. The drive can mount and the recovery partition is accessible but my iMac would not boot off the main partition. Would you be able to help recover the data and how much do you charge?

I am unable to access photographs on an SD card. I really need the photographs back if possible! The card was working without any problems until yesterday. Any help would be appreciated. Accidentally deleted all my holiday pics

I have had an external 2TB Seagate drive for a number of months and discovered yesterday that the drive now fails to read on any computer, and the LED no longer switches on. I have consistently made sure to take extra care removing and occasionally transporting the drive (covered in layers of protective clothing) and yet the drive now makes a nasty tick indicating mechanical damage, despite being stationary on the desk. Unfortunately since moving to a new home I have not had internet to continue backing the data (particularly photos, for my work) to the cloud.

Computer no longer reads data on external hard drive, keeps asking to format the disk – which I have not done. I can hear the disc spinning when the drive is plugged in

The harddrive stopped working a while ago, it used to come up with an error saying error format disk then that stopped coming up and in fact it didnt show up on my computer or disk mamagement at all. Then today i couldnt hear any sound at all.

Post by data-recovery (2017-08-14 12:03)

Tags: hard drive read fail

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